school photo 2015.jpeg


True story. Or almost true.


Spring 2015, classroom, student project discussion.


Me: /Just look at what he does. He Spelled my name wrong. Again./

D.: *Writes on the board carefully “M-e-r-r-y” *

Me: /Stay calm. He does it on purpose. Again./

D.: *Writes everyone else’s names correctly, turns around and cockily stares at me*

Me: *Smiles* /You son of a…/

D.: As a project manager, I will assign you different roles. Any further questions before we start?

Suddenly time stops.

An Angel and a Devil appear on my shoulders.

Angel: Mary, be smart. Ignore him.

Devil: AWWW HELL NO. Finish him.

Angel: Oh shit, not again…

Time resumes.

D.: *Takes a quick look at me and realises the fatal consequences of the deliberate mistake he has made*

Me: ‘XCUSE me. My name is M-A-R-Y. Only four letters. Ain’t that hard to remember.

D.: …



Actual Introduction

As you could have already guessed my name is Mary and I am Russian.

(Plot twist: Well, not exactly Mary, but just suck it up. It’s a story for another time).

I come from a beautiful city of Moscow, cold as my ex’s heart, where we have vodka instead of tap water and where we have bears riding unicycles, since its a free country. Jokes on you! Its not a free country.

Anyway, when I was around 16 my family and I moved to Thailand to a paradise island called Koh Samui. Yep, that’s me.


I went to an international school and got my A levels there. It was (and still is) a very small school. During my high school years there were only around 10 people, so we really grew together (or at least that’s what I like telling myself). That school is so small that my year group was the first ever to complete the A levels there. When A levels started we had 10 people, but by the end of it only 6 survived. Some just left to other places in the world, while some were poisoned by their enemies (silly reference to GoT). Nevertheless the analogy is pretty relevant. But it’s also a story for another time.

So, long story short, I ended up in Hong Kong. I study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

And literally right now I am sitting in my student room at almost 5 in the morning, while also unsuccessfully trying to pack my stuff before my departure….


In Soviet Russia you don’t approve a post, a post approves you.

So stay approved, lovely folks.



View from my college New Asia

Majestic, I know


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