From Hong Kong to Thailand


Done with finals, jeez.

Alarm for’the plane set on 6.

And not it is 2…

(Haiku by me)

Tribute to my friends:

I will miss every single one of you, especially the ones, who left for good (exchange people and grads). But I will see most of you folks next sem. You thought you can run from me? I would like to separately wish the people who stay for summer term a lot of patience and luck. I am also looking forward for the new amazing crew to join our international orientation camp in August. I really wish new Russian speaking people will join. *Cries in Russian*

early morning HK.jpg

Anyway, my journey began early in the morning. It was raining outside, but fortunately I forgot to deposit my umbrella with the rest of the luggage. Ultimate win. I quickly packed my teddy bear and I was ready to go.

I came to the airport early. Like 3 hours early. Well what can I do, I was all worried and pumped up. But on the other hand it was enough time to get lost a couple of times and find my way out.

Anyway. I got on the plane and there were two Brits sitting next to me. They were a semi-old couple. Unlike their behaviour. They were kind of pumped up, but in a different way than me. Whilst they were throwing their ‘let me go pee’ fits (since I was sitting next to the corridor), they also wanted to do some air-shopping (you know that annoying and ridiculously expensive shit that you don’t need like mini-lamps or waterproof watches). So they decided to give it a go. They wanted two waterproof watches. They called the attendant and expressed their deep commitment to get the watches. Unfortunately, only cash was being accepted, and apparently the couple had put all of their cash in the luggage, which rested on the shelf somewhere above… And they forgot where that luggage was. But fear not. No obstacles could stand between them and the watches. First, the man initiated the search mission. The flight attendant tried to help him, but the description ‘black luggage with a lock’ didn’t seem precise enough, since every single piece of luggage they laid their eyes upon was black. The spotlight of everyone’s attention got shifted onto the outcome of the search. The lady tried giving her loud and valuable directions to the search team, but after a long while of unsuccessful attempts she had to get up and join the adventure… Long story short: they finally got their watches, everyone got emotionally involved and woken up and everyone lived happily ever after. 

I mean it’s cute how old couples fight through things together..

Then I had another connected flight and soon landed in Surat Thani. After that my plan was to head to the port (to get a ferry that goes to the island Koh Samui).

This is what the road to the port looks like. Yes, it’s vertical.

20160514_123403.jpg    20160514_134714_HDR.jpg    20160514_122906 copy.jpg

The weather there is always like that: warm and sunny.

After an hour of the bus ride to the port, I finally got on the ferry. Oh. I forgot to mention that my Thai sim-card did not work at that time, so my parents had little clue of where about I was. Or where approximately I was going (since Koh Samui has many ports).

On the ferry I came up to this very kind local (who spoke no English) and asked him if I could borrow his phone for a while. At first he thought that I wanted to get his phone number, which I found kind of funny and cute. I gave him as a present a postcard from Hong Kong (as an emphasis of how thankful I was for the call), which he immediately employed as a tool against the annoying flies. Well, I was more than happy for him. Whatever my saviour wished. At the same time I wanted to re-confirm with him that the end point was (*supposed to be*) the port called Nathon (the name sounds exactly the same in Thai).

“Nathon? Nathon?” asked I and pointed towards the island. He semi-confidently pointed towards the island and repeated after me: “Nathon”. So I told my parents to meet me there.

We did not end up in Nathon. We ended up maybe 2-3 km away from that place. And again, I found some very kind people who helped me call my parents (who were meanwhile kind of panicking) and tell them that I would be at Nathon soon.

Anyway, I met my parents and now I am here, signing postcards for my friends.

Stay approved, comrades